The University of Cape Coast is one of Ghana’s leading public tertiary institutions and as such Synergies, in its quest to prepare leaders beyond boundaries, teams up with a University that prepares you for the future to bring you two 4-year academic programmes in Accounting with Computing and Marketing & Corporate Strategy.




Accounting with Computing

This programme covers Cognitive, Effective, Behavioral, Research and Developmental dimensions, in order to produce a well-rounded graduate in this field of study.

To this extent, we are focused not just on what the students need to know, but we also focus on what the students should care and think about, including what they should be able to do by virtue of the fact that they studied this programme in Synergies Institute–Ghana, both in terms of research and the value the programme will add to the development of the Ghanaian and African society.


Marketing & Corporate Strategy

This programme educates students to function and grow in a dynamic business world. To accomplish this mission, the Institute combines effective teaching with scholarship and professional service. Faculty strives for quality in all course offerings and undertakings to help prepare students for leadership and service in private and public organizations.
The BSc in Marketing and Corporate Strategy will provide students with an up-to-date knowledge of marketing and strategy that is grounded in both marketing theory and strategic practices. The focus is on delivering value to shareholders and students using technology and digital media.
The aim of the programme is to develop students with a blend of knowledge in marketing and corporate strategy, transferable skills in corporate marketing strategies and capabilities that makes them employable and also provides the foundation for their further study.