As a leading professional body for commercial and business development staff, the Institute of Commercial Management provides a wide range of professional qualifications in business, management, and related vocational areas.

SIG runs ICM programs from the Certificate Level through to Diploma, Advanced Diploma and the Graduate Diploma, depending on the course being offered and takes a minimum of two (2) years to complete.

The Advanced Diploma is equivalent to a Higher National Diploma (HND) whereas the Graduate Diploma is the equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree.


Business Courses


Accounting & Finance

This programme, run to the Graduate Diploma level, is one of the most innovative fields of the social sciences. Apart from the mental alertness it provides, it is very key to the driving, sustenance and profitability of any business.

Students who graduate from this programme, are seized with the detail and sharp-wittedness necessary for the proper interpretation of the finances of a business, and ideas for properly positioning the finances of the business, whether as an employee or as a business owner.


Marketing Management

In this programme, students are taught the fundamentals of managing the marketing resources and activities of an organization.

Students are guaranteed a wonderful experience with creativity and innovation, as they explore the options, methods and techniques of managing marketing activities. Runs to Graduate Diploma level.

Communication Courses



Gathering processing and disseminating current information is an art which must be systemically acquired and practiced. This Diploma programme focuses on training for the acquisition of these skills and prepares the students to be effective managers of information.


Journalism & Media Studies

The Advanced Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies, provides students with the skills, tools and technologies necessary for any journalist to be on the cutting edge of the profession.



Professional Computing & Information Processing

This course, which runs up to the Advanced Diploma Level, contains three parts:

Part 1 provides an introduction to the subject and is structured for those with no previous knowledge or experience of computing.‍

Part 2 is structured for those with sound data entry and applications experience, providing they also have numeracy and accounting skills.

Part 3 takes the learner to an HND level and provide an opportunity for entry onto computing degree or Post Graduate programmes. Successful candidates should expect to be able to enter a professional computing environment with an academic and vocational background of sufficient strength to enable them to quickly move up the career ladder from programmer to analyst to manager.


Managing Health & Safety

The programme provides participants with a body of knowledge that will enable them to:

Understand and apply health and safety methodologies in the working environment
To make a positive contribution to health and safety at work
To make appropriate use of practice and principles to produce solutions to health and safety issues